As your cat gets older, you may find your veterinarian recommending more medicines for illnesses such as arthritis and allergies. Naturally your vet is going to want you to definitely purchase these items from him and this is understandable. Most vets get a percentage back from all of the medicines they sell to their patients. The problem is, most vets don’t take into consideration the extra expense they are creating for you.

If you are not sure your cat really needs the medicines your vet is recommending, you can always go to another vet for a second opinion but in most cases, your vet shouldn’t recommend things your own cat does not need. You can purchase these medications from your vet but if you are like the majority of people and are looking to save just a little money, you do have another choice.

A great way to get the medicines your cat needs without spending a fortune at the veterinarian each month is to find an online merchant. Many online retailers offer Pet Meds for up to 50% less than you would pay at the vet’s office. You will get exactly the same quality meds at a fraction of the cost.

If you are worried about the safety of getting your cat’s medicines online, you needn’t be. These online retailers are able to offer these products at discounted prices simply because they buy in larger quantities and get better prices from the manufacturers.

The majority of vet offices do not carry a substantial supply of medicines because they run the risk of losing money. Online retailers sell to a large number of people every day and know they can sell the products on hand. This merely results in money saved for you and a happier cat
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