The Bible is very clear on how important wine is to the body but it is also full of verses that warn you about the dangers of overindulging. Wine is a healthy drink but when abused, the drink can turn you into a hopeless person and take everything you treasure away from you as you slowly sink into the abyss of alcoholism.

It dates back to way before the beginning of time; many historians believe that Egyptians came up with wine for medicinal purposes and not for human leisure. With time, the light-headedness one got after taking the wine caught the attention of most of the people who experienced it.
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The euphoria took the pain away and people started to take it in moderation to stay euphoric among other freeing attributes wine had on people.

Today, millions of years later, wine is still a popular drink in many circles. It is used to down means and relax the body when one needs to relax. It aids digestion and viewed as a romantic gesture especially when courting.

People have set up businesses that offer wine services such as selling, brewing and bottling. There are very many competitors in the wine marketplace and this enhances the quality as they compete for the market share. They need to have a superior product and process to give the wine a good taste and aroma that will help their product to sell.

How then is wine important for your health?

Alcohol taken in moderation helps you increase your bone mineral density; you then have strong bones, which is essential for a strong frame while abusing alcohol corrodes the bones and makes them fracture easily.

If you look at majority of the wine catalogs, you will notice that most wines are used after or before meals but they help in digestion of food and keeping the stomach active. It is advisable to eat something before or after taking wine as opposed to taking it on an empty stomach.

Wine contains antioxidants, which suppress the growth of cancerous cells unlike normal alcohol that damages cells in the body due to high levels of toxins. However, abuse of wine will lead to liver damage and sometimes stomach ulcers.

Wine contains anticoagulants that help to ensure that the blood in blood vessels flows smoothly without clots, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes when the clots get to the head.